Thursday, 26 March 2015

National Workplace Wellbeing Day

A Success Already!
Today is National Workplace Wellbeing Day

By Dr Ann Shortt - Medical Director, Full Health Medical

At Full Health Medical we just want to say a huge congratulations to the organisers of the inaugural National Workplace Wellbeing seminar taking place in Croke Park. It's already oversubscribed and shaping up to be a fantastic event.

Ireland's first National Workplace Wellbeing Day is an initiative of the Food and Drink Industry Ireland, part of Ibec, and is being organised by the Nutrition and Health Foundation.

Why not drop an email to our CEO, Paul Mc Carthy to learn how Full Health can help your organisation? Even better, if you are attending he can meet you in person!

So why is the workplace a great place to champion wellness?

Approximately one third of adult life is spent at work. Employment is a key social determinant of health, and the workplace is recognised as a key avenue for health promotion.

This has led to a shift in attitudes around workplace wellness, with employers expanding the concept of employee health beyond conditions acquired in the workplace to any condition which could potentially impact on employee performance.

Blood Pressure

In 2007, nearly 852,000 adults in the Republic of Ireland (25.1%) had high blood pressure. By 2020, this is expected to rise to over 1,192,000 (28.3%). This represents a 40% increase in the number of people affected - an additional 341,000 adults - in less than 15 years.

Incidence of Stroke

Similarly, by 2020 the number of adults in Ireland with clinically diagnosed stroke is expected to rise to almost 29,000 per year - this represents a 27% increase in 10 years!


In 2010, the rate of clinically diagnosed diabetes for all adults in Ireland was 3.2% (106,000 people). By 2020 the rate of clinically diagnosed diabetes among all adults is expected to rise to 3.8% (136,000 people). This will represent a 28% increase in 10 years.

Recognition of the growing problem of chronic diseases and of the fact that these diseases are caused by a build up of risk factors over many years, has led stakeholders to focus on the importance of prevention and to look at new ways of targeting those at risk.

Example of how the award winning Full Health platform empowers employees to wellbeing

About Full Health

Full Health Medical is a leading preventative health management company that focuses on the early detection of illness and disease in the workplace and community.

It's Full Health platform is a smart technology which revolutionises the health screening experience and produces personal and evidence based employee friendly reports at scale. 

Full Health provides employees with the same convenience they now take for granted as they shop, bank or book holidays online via any mobile or internet connected device.

The key outputs are quality medical advice and action plans for the individual, with population health reporting for the organisation or community.  All delivered via a lean and streamlined process.

All medical advice is provided by a multidisciplinary team of medical specialists and consultants. The specialist team includes experts in General Practice, Accident and Emergency, Occupational Health, Gastroenterology, Cardiology, Rheumatology, Public Health and Epidemiology.

The result is employees are empowered to better health and organisations are provided with recommendations and an implementation plan on how they support employees be healthier, happier and more productive. This ensures they get a return on investment in the region of 4:1 to 6:1.

It is extensively used by:
  • Employers and Multinationals in the UK and Ireland
  • Government organisations
  • Leading health screening providers in the UK and Ireland
  • Occupational health providers in the UK and Ireland
  • Private hospitals & clinics in UK and Ireland

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