Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Support a resilient and talented 14 year old to become one of world's youngest nuclear physicists.

My 14 year old nephew Tom has just launched a crowd funding campaign to help him fulfill his major ambition of building "no less than" a home made nuclear fusion device called a Fusor. He is one of the youngest people in the world to take on such a project and will no doubt be a future leader in the development of clean nuclear power generation. As a next generation health technology, we felt it was only right that Full Health should support a next generation energy project, we hope you can lend a little support too!

Tom says, the main reason that he is building a Fusor is to use it as a key component in a larger design as part of a longer term goal.  This goal is to build a sub-critical, fusion-fission, hybrid generator.  A sub-critical generator is a new type of generator that has never been constructed before, even though it is safer than current fission deigns.  The idea behind it is that a fusion reaction produces neutrons to fuel a further fission reaction which produces energy.  The fission part of the generator is fueled by thorium which is a better and safer fuel than uranium.

Building a Fusor is a huge and challenging undertaking for any physicist and one might say an enormous challenge for a 14 year old from Co. Mayo in the West of Ireland.

If you can support Tom's Fusor project, you will be helping an exceptionally talented and resilient young scientist to become one of the youngest people in the world (and the first in Ireland) to build a Fusor and spearhead the development of advanced, clean nuclear power generation.  In addition, you will be supporting and endorsing our next generation of future physicists.  Without the €11,000 required to build the Fusor, Tom cannot progress any further with his sub-critical reactor, he needs all the support you can give.

Tom's website has all the details and all the updates on this challenging project and his crowdfunding campaign has just been launched with the crowd funder Indegogo. Tom needs to raise €11,000 to build the Fusor and I can assure you that he will greatly appreciate any donation that you can make to his fundraising campaign.

Please click on the link below to view Tom's project (video and text summary) on the Indegogo crowdfunding website and follow the simple instructions to contribute to the campaign.

To see all the details and updates on Tom's fusor project, please visit Tom's website at the link below 

You can also follow Tom on Twitter at