Friday, 2 August 2013

Health Screening Software - Ten Key Questions to Consider

Health screening is a process with some unique challenges and software plays an increasingly important role. The evolution and choice of systems that can support screening is wide ranging from practice management to occupational health to bespoke software. Providers are increasingly investing in technology to grow and make their businesses more competitive.

Henry Ford "If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses." 
Innovate to Deliver Real Competitive Advantage
Talking to a leading provider last week, I asked them if they had a working system for efficiently organising and running their entire process from participant self service to administration to decision support for the doctor through to online reports. The reply came that they had just made a very substantial investment in a new bespoke system which they were very excited about. I enquired further as to what this new system does and discovered that although it improved their administration and accounting, it was of no real extra benefit to the end customer they were serving
Are customers not looking for much more quantifiable benefits nowadays versus more of the same?

When reviewing or considering an investment in health screening software you should ask these 10 questions:

Will the Health Screening System:
  1. Automate the entire workflow?
  2. Enable online medical history, lifestyle questionnaires and information relevant to tests to be completed by participant?
  3. Provide instant analysis for the full battery of measurements and laboratory results and questionnaire data?
  4. Integrate fully with laboratories?
  5. Increase doctor productivity dramatically with engaging reports using the most up-to-date medical guidelines and content?
  6. Produce instant anonymous population reports?
  7. Provide a secure patient portal & report download?
  8. Enable scheduling and appointment booking for multiple locations?
  9. Give you financial control and ability for participants to pay online? 
  10. Continue to evolve and deliver value to you, your customers and empower end user participants to better health?

Today, you should look for a system that combines the best in prevention and is also leading the way in the new age of digital health.

* Paul Mc Carthy is CEO and Founder of Full Health and would love to hear your views.