Thursday, 27 March 2014

Experience Next-Generation Healthcare at the National Healthcare Conference

Full Health Medical to showcase their online medical technology by offering free health checks at the Convention Centre Dublin on 2nd April, 2014

Paper. Paper. Paper.
The dreaded paper-trail can slow down and impede the preventative health process, frustrating medical professionals. It can make administration a nightmare. Full Health Medical has a solution. They have taken the entire process online, transforming it into a simple and streamlined experience.

Full Health Medical have unveiled their newest health initiative that will showcase how their online preventative health platform facilitates clearer patient communication and streamlines the preventative health experience for all. Their technology will be demonstrated by way of a free health-check at the National Health Conference. On the day, attendees will receive a personalised health report, which is accessible on any mobile device. All proceeds will go towards Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin.

This initiative coincides with the exciting news that Full Health Medical have been shortlisted for the national Health Innovation Hub (HIH).  The HIH is a Government driven collaboration between the Irish health system and commercial enterprises which will lead to the commercialisation of new healthcare technologies emerging from within the health system and/or firms.

The Full Health technology has the ability to automatically interpret numerical medical tests. Powered by sophisticated algorithms, this interpretation is achieved by combining medical test results with the patient’s responses to their personal, family history and lifestyle questionnaires. The output from this integrated process is an easy-to-read report for the patient – that can be quickly approved by doctors. These reports provide self-management techniques, which promote behaviour change. The technology in Full Health has been developed by a team of medical specialists, consultants and technologists.

There is also a major population health management component to Full Health as all of the data is collected in a uniform way. It’s clearly working, as 70,000 test results have been provided to date. Although the most people using Full Health receive it through employee-based health programs, Full Health now want this extended as a standard for every person in the state and across the world.

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