Wednesday, 14 June 2017

"How are you doing?" - Men's Health Week, June 2017

This year, the theme for Men’s Health Week in Ireland is “It’s all about HIM”, and asking “How are you doing?”. In comparison to women, men suffer far more from ill health and premature death. To alleviate this inequality, and to give the men of Ireland some much needed attention regarding their health.

  • ·       Local men die, on average, four and a half years younger than women do.
  • ·       Males have higher death rates than women for all of the leading causes of death.
  • ·       Poor lifestyles are responsible for a high proportion of chronic diseases.
  • ·       Late presentation to health services leads to a large number of problems becoming untreatable.

According to the Men’s Health Forum in Ireland,  there are 3 overall aims of Men’s Health Week are to

  • ·       Heighten awareness of preventable health problems for males of all ages.
  • ·       Support men and boys to engage in healthier lifestyle choices / activities.
  • ·       Encourage the early detection and treatment of health difficulties in males.

Many of the illnesses suffered by men are preventable by lifestyle change, and this week is about empowering men to become more aware of their health and taking control of their own lives.  Without this, the health inequalities between men and women are only set to widen.

We want to keep your employees healthy, no matter what challenges they may face. 

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Thursday, 1 June 2017

Creating Links at The Future Health Summit

It has been a few days since the Future Health Summit at the Citywest Convention Centre in Dublin, and we are still buzzing from all of the hype! For anyone who attended, you know that it was an intense two days with an array of talks to get to, along with some impressive stands.

Our CEO Paul Mc Carthy was rarely stationary, getting to a large proportion of the most innovative talks and meeting with as many of the speakers and other businesses as possible. 

At our stand, we were constantly registering conference goers for a free heart age check, where they experienced the ease of our registration process and the efficiency of our reporting. 

We were delighted to showcase our technology, which improves doctor-patient communication, saves administration resources and presents clear and easy to understand individual and population reports tailored to organisational needs.

We would like to thank everyone who enquired at our stand, took part in our competition and met with our staff. Special congratulations goes to a member of staff from the the Medical Council of Ireland who won our FitBit competition - happy health monitoring Hayley Jones!

We are looking forward to contacting everyone who requested one-to-one demonstrations of our software.

If you were unable to meet with us or didn’t have enough time to gain all of the answers you were looking for, please contact us and we would be happy to offer you a demo!

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Monday, 22 May 2017

Future Health Summit May 24th-25th 2017

Will we be seeing you at the Future Health Summit?

We are delighted to be coming back to the Citywest Convention Centre again this year for the Future Health Summit. It is promised to be an exciting two days, with experts in varying areas of health coming together to share information and make connections.

The theme of this year's conference is "The Future of Healthcare, the Drive for More Personalised Care in the Digital Age". There will be a total of15 Conferences, 3,000 delegates, 160 Speakers, 15 Patient workshops, 140 Exhibitors and 50 Startups. With a jam packed timetable on both days, it is essential to plan ahead to ensure you get to your areas of interest.

Make sure that we are on your list of people to talk to, as we will be running a COMPETITION over the two days! You could be in with a chance to win a Fitbit, or even a free medical. All you have to do is have a quick heart age test and let us show you how simple it is to get your result in your own personalised online account, which is even accessible from your phone! 

If you have any enquiries prior to the Summit or would like to arrange a specific time to meet with one of our representatives, please email me on or call me on 01-5549795. We look forward to seeing you there!

Friday, 7 April 2017

Signs of Depression at Work. WHO World Health Day 2017: Depression

World Health Day takes place on April 7th each year and is sponsored by the WHO. This year, the focus is on depression. On World Mental Health Day last year October 10th 2016, the WHO launched a one year campaign entitled Depression: Let’s Talk.

New estimates on Depression released by the WHO in February claim that the rate of depression has increased by 18% from 2005-2015, and that it is the leading cause of disability. Lack of support and fear of stigma often deter people from seeking potentially life-saving treatment.

Working with depression is very difficult, as it prevents people from working to their full ability or gaining any job satisfaction. It can cause rifts within the workplace, when colleagues don’t realise that there is a problem. Depression may manifest itself in poor performance, which can create difficulty in group work environments, creating a cycle of unhappiness. We have gathered a list of some signs you may notice in a colleague who could be quietly suffering from depression. If you yourself are experiencing any of the below, it is worth talking to someone about how you feel and possibly looking for some further assistance.

  1. Timekeeping and Organisation: A common sign of depression can be a change in punctuality, or constant rushing due to tiredness. This can be noticed as being late for work, or failing to meet deadlines which they normally have no problem keeping. Is your colleague forgetting about some deadlines entirely? Disorganisation is a high indicator that a person is feeling stressed.

  1. Appetite: When someone is depressed or stressed, their appetite can often change. They could begin to eat significantly less or more, leading to changes in weight and/or energy. If a colleague is always very organised with their meals at work and has suddenly fallen into a disarray, this could be a sign of stress. Excessive snacking or lack of taking breaks to eat can be other indicators.

  1. Concentration: Any mental health problem can make it very hard to concentrate, and the workplace is be very demanding on a person’s mental resources. Even the simplest of daily tasks can be affected. If you notice that a colleague is suddenly finding it difficult to complete normal daily duties, it may be worth asking them if they are feeling ok, or if they need some help with their workload.
  1. Mood: The workplace can be a stressful environment, however for many it is also a main social outlet. If someone seems to be avoiding the workplace banter or getting unreasonably moody with their colleagues, this could be a sign of a more deeply rooted issue. Does the person seem lethargic at work? Are they avoiding group situations?

  1. Not caring. . . . or caring too much: If someone is depressed, their moods may be a little uncontrollable, and their reactions to some situations can be unpredictable and not the usual. Motivation, or lack of, can be affected. They can experience feelings of being overwhelmed and helpless, or act nonchalant and unresponsive. They may even experience a mixture of the two. Either of these states can result in reckless behaviour in order to cope or get a quick fix of satisfaction. If an error at work is made as a result, this could be a perfect opportunity to approach the issue.

  1. Physical symptoms: When a person is mentally unwell, it has a direct impact on their physical health. Worrying can lead to a lack of sleep, which in itself has an array of effects on the body. Niggling pains, stomach problems, backaches and headaches are ways in which a mental health issue can physically manifest itself. If a co-worker has suddenly started to complain about any of these, it is worth asking them if they are ok or need help with anything. Take note of extra sick days being taken, or the employee not taking sick days even though they are unwell in order to manage their workload.

If you notice that a colleague may be suffering from depression based on any of the above points, you can start by asking if everything is ok. If the person insists that they are fine, or you are not in a position to approach this person, you can take a more indirect approach by leaving some mental health information in the canteen area or talking to HR or your boss about setting up a mental health promotion programme in the office. Workplaces which have a proactive approach to health and wellbeing can help employees get over problems like depression more quickly. Employers who are open and approachable will find their employees struggle less with acknowledging the problem and seeking help.

We want to keep your employees healthy, no matter what challenges they may face. 

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Friday, 31 March 2017

Happy Workplace Wellbeing Day!

Are you getting up to anything today to celebrate Workplace Wellbeing Day?? There are so many options. The Lunchtime Mile, a healthy lunch, a walking meeting. . . . . . the possibilities are endless. At the very least, read back over our posts from the last few days and see what you can squeeze in today to make your day just a bit healthier. It is never too late to start looking after your health!

Topics we covered this week (Click below to be directed):

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