Friday, 9 May 2014

Want a Healthier, Happier and More Productive Employee?

Employee Wellness Programs are the answer.

Presented below is a list of some essential elements that your wellness program should have, in order to improve your employees’ cardiovascular and general health.

·         Early detection/health screening,
·         Nutrition education & promotion,
·         Stress management/ reduction,
·         Smoking cessation & prevention,
·         Regular physical activity,
·         Weight management,
·         Disease management,

·   Changes in the work environment to encourage healthy behaviours promote occupational health.

Your Employee Wellness Programmes should be integrated into the workplace structure by using these strategies below:

·         Health education that relies on valid, credible  sources and is focused on         employee skill development;
·         Initiatives that are incorporated into existing employee programs;
·         Worksite screening linked with medical care for follow-up on modifiable           risk factors.

Wellness programs must address the needs of all employees at a given workplace, regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, culture, job type, or physical or intellectual capacity.

Worksite wellness programs should be designed to be culturally sensitive and all-inconclusive, and employers should also consider targeted, complementary interventions for their more vulnerable employees that are specifically designed to engage those who are economically challenged, less educated or under served (Carnethon et al, 2009).

Here at Full Health, we can ensure that your wellness programs run efficiently and cost-effectively. Through using our online, next-generation platform we automate and streamline the health screening process, eliminating paper and improving the experience. We can produce personalised employee health reports post-screening and based on these, we can produce population group reports that allow for tailored interventions and education programmes to be initiated.

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