Monday, 17 June 2013

5 Tips to Maximise Health Screening Programme Uptake

Health and wellness screening is an incredible way to empower employees to avoid serious illness.

To ensure uptake is maximised, here are 5 simple tips:

1. Promote Online
Circulate details of screening programmes internally. Email is a simple and trusted form of internal communication for HR to clearly explain the advantages of health screening and why it is being offered as an employee benefit.

Email is also an effective method of reminding employees of their appointment time and specific requirements such as fasting prior to blood tests. Making the process as smooth and easy as possible for the employee increases satisfaction and engagement.

2. Promote Offline
Health screening is an opportunity to build a strong relationship offline and to build recognition of your company. Hosting lunchtime information sessions and simple pop-up banners and posters can help create awareness to drive engagement. Empower local points of contact to become ambassadors for the event by providing them with the tools and support they require.

3. Ensure Consistency
Health screening has multiple steps. Initial emails, booking, promotion, screening and reporting all offer the opportunity to build a relationship with the employee through consistent messaging and branding. This is a simple concept but with the frequency of touch points in screening it is essential to maintain the trust and confidence of the employee.

If you’re sending great emails with your branding then make sure you back it up friendly medical staff and high quality engaging reports that explain results in plain english and graphically.
The most personable aspect of health screening is generally the appointment. By creating a high level of awareness a friendly nurse can engage with informed employees and really drive employee satisfaction.

4. Data Protection
Health screening is a great way to show employees that they are valued yet many may be hesitant to participate if they think their employer or insurer will have access to the data. This is a very valid concern. Be clear and transparent and explain how personal details will be kept in total confidence. Share your privacy statement and make it clear that no personal identifiable details will be shared with the employer or that any group data could invariablly identify them. The heart of data protection is being transparent.

5. Ask for Feedback

Any company that engages with health and wellness screening values their staff. Always ask and encourage feedback as each individual has a different perspective that can help you to continually improve and refine your health screening.

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